Portrait of Jerome, he's very handsome

Hello! I’m a developer, photojournalist, and computer wizard (thanks Grandma!) from Berkeley, California. I’m currently majoring in (undecided) at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

In the summers of 2020 and 2022, I was a news platforms intern for Berkeleyside where I helped migrate content and templates from a custom WordPress setup to Newspack. In 2021, I was a data “science” intern at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation where I was trained in HIPAA compliance and helped visualize hepatitis C patient pathways.

If you’re feeling adventurous, enter the JeroZone.

I try to make things better by making better things.


Here are a few of those things, in reverse-chronological order.

Every day, students grapple with dozens of confusing web portals, emails, Instagram accounts, calendars, and posters. I created 75grand, a work-in-progress student portal for Macalester College, as a central dashboard for the school. (SvelteKit, Tailwind, Google Sheets)

I was feeling desperately homesick at college (“Is it too late to choose UC Berkeley??”), so I distracted myself by creating Rosebuds, a new tab page that reminds you of even small things, like breakfast with a friend or calling home, to look forward to. (Alpine, Tailwind)

When roommate announcements were delayed by a software bug, I created a tool to match roommates that was used by more than half of the class and matched almost half of the users. (Google Forms, Google Apps Script, JavaScript, Email)

My high school released 5,000+ photos from graduation with no viable way to filter them. I created a facial-recognition tool to search them with your face. (Python, PHP, JavaScript, ngrok)

High school graduation was impacted by COVID-19 in three years in a row, so I created interactive message boards where hundreds families shared photos, congratulations, and memories. (Alpine, PHP, SQLite, Sass)

I rewrote my photography portfolio as a tiny site that generates itself based on image metadata and Markdown files. (PHP, JavaScript, Sass)

At the beginning of the 2021–2022 school year, I scraped BUSD’s COVID-19 dashboard every day for the entire school year and created these neat graphs. (WordPress, Sass, JavaScript) I also did it in 2020 with multiple city, county, and Bay Area data sources and made a super cool map. (PHP, MySQL, ApexCharts, JavaScript, SVG)

Group shot of high school seniors Seniors of the Jacket Editorial Board

I redesigned the website of my high school newspaper, the Berkeley High Jacket, not once, not twice, not thrice, not four times, but five times. Here’s what it looked like before for comparison. (WordPress, Sass, JavaScript)

I’m also to blame for my dad’s personal website (Hugo, Sass), this website (SvelteKit, Tailwind), the Climate Equity Action Fund’s website and logo (WordPress, Sass), and the Jacket’s branding and slogan, “The Voice of the Students.”


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